Speed Kills And That's Been Proven Time And Time Again On The Ice. Discover How Speed, Like Any Other Skill Can Be Developed By Practicing The Proper Movements.

Discover Exactly How NHL Speedsters Explode Into Open Ice And Create Scoring Chances Out Of Thin Air.

From the desk of Maria L. Mountain, MSc.
London, ON

Dear Dedicated Hockey Player,

Picture the most dynamic player you have ever seen on the ice, get a clear image in your mind.  There he is #10, when he leaps over the boards, things start happening on the ice right?  Ol’ #10 has that extra jump, that extra gear that makes him an asset if he is on your team.  You want to sit next to him in the locker room and find out what he listens to on his iPod and what is in that sport bottle you see him sipping on between periods.  You want to unlock his secrets.

If #10 plays for your opponent, well good luck to you.  I don’t blame you for feeling panicked when you are on the ice playing against them.  It is natural to worry that your coaches, teammates and even parents will see that player literally step around you at will – and it only gets worse as the game wears on and your legs fill with lead, while #10 still has that jump and he always seems to be in the right place at the right time to create (and capitalize on) scoring chances for his team.

Someone has probably even accused you of being lazy because you look like you are standing still during the 2nd & 3rd periods.  I know the truth is that you are trying your hardest, but your legs just won’t go.

And this is all made worse when you are constantly in the bottom half group to finish the skating drills in practice.  You might not be the weakest link on your team, but you also don’t consider yourself the strongest.

Sincerely committed to your success,

GOOD NEWS: Speed is a skill that can be taught; everyone can learn to be faster.  We are revealing the on-ice drills that help keep elite players at the top of their game season after season.

INTRODUCING: Hockey Speed Secrets:

On-Ice Training to Supercharge Your Speed.

COMPONENT 1: The Hockey Speed Secrets Video (value $47)

This video brings you along to the rink with a few of the players I train.  It is like you are eavesdropping on a training session with Tyler and me.  We show you the exact drills we use during their on-ice speed and stamina sessions.

COMPONENT 2: The Hockey Speed Secrets Manual (value $37)

It makes no sense to give you a laundry list of exercises without showing you exactly how to put together your workouts to target speed or stamina.

In fact using the wrong combination of drills and volume can actually make you slower, so I am removing all of the guess work.

I show you exactly what exercises go together, how many reps you should do and how long to rest between reps.


We want to make this simple for you, so we are not adding 7 more modules that will only confuse you, this program covers the on-ice aspect of improving your speed only.  And since you are on the Insider’s List or you are just lucky enough to have stumbled upon this page during the $20 off Advanced Sale, you have the chance to get his $84 program for only $9.97.

This product is entirely downloadable.
No hard copy is sent through the mail.

You don’t have to watch all your friends move on to more competitive teams while you still play for the same team you all started out with when you were eight years old.

Do you think you could learn to play the guitar?  With the right teacher and the right chords to practice, I am sure you could be.  Do you agree?

Now, do you think you can learn to be faster?  With the right teacher and the right drills to practice, I am sure you could be.  Do you agree?

Would you also agree that a using the exact techniques that have been proven by elite and pro players might help you learn to be faster ?

And would you also agree that a strength and conditioning coach who has helped athletes win Olympic medals (including Gold), might be have the right drills to help you improve your speed?

Now consider…

  • You will actually see AHL/NHL pro players go through each drill, you can watch their body position, knee bend and powerful strides.
  • You will not be seeing the drills you coach ‘used to do when he was a player’, you will be doing drills that we have been fine tuned and refined year to year.
  • We will shatter many of the myths of speed training and tell you how most of the ‘speed training’ you do in practice can actually make you slower.
  • We did pull out the parachutes for one of the drills today, but otherwise you can do the drills with very basic equipment – like cones and a piece of nylon strapping
  • Our heart rate data has shown that there is a dramatic increase in cardiovascular demand when puck handling and shooting is involved in the drill – we show you how to incorporate these.
  • To be successful on the ice a player needs to process input quickly – we have included drills that help the player train not only their body, but also their brain to reduce the mental fatigue that can lead to costly mistakes late in the game.
Did I mention the full money back (yes all of it) GUARANTEE?

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked Hassle Free GUARANTEE.  Even if you are just too lazy to do the workouts, we will STILL give you your money back.  Please take it!
You will also get FREE access to “Pro Hockey Workout Revealed”
pro hockey workout

  • A sneak peek at two actual strength and energy system workouts I use with one of my pro players during the off-season
  • Complete video tutorials so you see exactly what each exercise entails
  • If you want to give it a try I tell you exactly how many sets and reps to do of each exercise


NOW Only $9.97!

Remember this product is entirely downloadable.
You will not be sent a hard copy in the mail.

You probably have some questions.  Maybe you are wondering…

Q: Will I receive DVDs in the mail?

A: NO – this product is only downloadable.  So if you know how to play YouTube videos on your computer, then you will be able to view these videos.  If you know how to Right Click and “Save As…” then you can even upload them and save them on your computer.

Q: I cannot play some videos on my computer – what format are your videos?

A: You can find player plugins for almost all video formats to play videos on your Mac or PC, but these videos are in .M4V format.

P.S.- Now, if you are one of those players who hopes, wishes and dreams of being a great player one day, but does nothing to actually make those dreams come true, then I have bad news for you… this program will not help you at all.

You see you have to actually do the drills and workouts.  Watching the videos and reading the manual will have no impact at all.  So unless you are ready to take action and add this one piece to the overall hockey training puzzle, my best advice to you is to take the few dollars you would spend on this program and head down to the local hockey shop for a roll of tape and a skate sharpening – at least you will use those.

But for those of you who are looking for every advantage, give it a try.  What’s the worst thing that could happen – you will get faster on the ice? Excited to hear about your success on the ice this season!

Did I mention the full money back (yes all of it) GUARANTEE?

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked Hassle Free GUARANTEE.  Even if you are just too lazy to do the workouts, we will STILL give you your money back.  Please take it!



Get On-Board Now For Only $9.97!

This product is entirely downloadable.
No hard copy is sent through the mail.

Need Help? Have Questions?
Shoot me an email at info@revolutionconditioning.com.

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